Enhancement (Black Market DNA Book 1)

Baltimore’s latest crime epidemic is illegal genetic enhancements. Convicted dealer Christopher Morgan swears off black market genetics for good. Before he’s even released from prison, he finds himself on a hit list. Someone wants him dead and he has no idea why.

Once released, Chris takes the first job he’s offered. But, soon after, the new boss at his lab is murdered. Chris fears it has something to do with his past—and so do the police. He enlists the help of a close colleague, Tracy Harrow, to clear his name and search for answers. They discover a shocking connection between Chris and the other names on the hit list. In a perilous race against time, Chris and Tracy realize that far more is at stake than just Chris’s life.

ENHANCEMENT is a mystery-thriller about illegal genetic engineering, a medical conspiracy, and the abuse of advanced technology.

The first story of future crime, suspense, and genetic engineering mystery in Anthony J Melchiorri’s Black Market DNA series has been remastered, re-edited, and re-enhanced since its original publication!