Episode #1 – “Torn”: Star Chasers (Volume 1)

“Wildly entertaining. A fun, fresh, galaxy-spanning romp. Don’t miss this series.”

– Shannon Hale, author

“Absolutely un-put-downable. If you’re a fan of science fiction you might want to pick up Star Chasers.”

– Lisa Gardner, author

You’ve heard about Emily’s stories or read them on Oyster, OverDrive, elsewhere, now own the stories everyone’s talking about on your kindle.

The Order controls all. Under their rule, it is said that no crime goes unpunished for the Order sees all. Commit a crime, forfeit all.

Even the far off planetary system of Paliy cannot escape the Order. For it is there that a young man sworn to protect the Star of the Galaxy is about to pay the ultimate price. His death will mark the beginning of a new era but another must step forward to take his place.

Can a young outcast from beyond the Rift save the Star of the Galaxy while protecting its innocence?

About the Author

Emily Asimov grew up with books. Libraries raised her. When she was ten, she discovered the writings of her grandfather and started dreaming of being a writer one day. She read every fantasy and science fiction book she could find. Somewhere along the way though she lost the writer’s dream. She never stopped writing, but the very idea of being a writer one day faded away. At least until, she found her voice again and was encouraged by others to share her writing with others.

As a life-long fan of all things science fiction, her goal is to write and publish sci-fi adventures for all ages. The characters in her Star Chasers books explore the vast reaches of the galactic empire controlled by the Order of Eight.