Escape From Nuur (Gray Guardians Series Book 2)

One year ago the Grays abducted over half a million humans, taking them to their home planet Nuur to be used as lab rats. The experiments failed. The human DNA failed to yield the superior hybrid race the Grays planned to create and repopulate their planet. Humans were no longer needed. Abandoned, they await their fate. Earth, led by President Barbara Unger, has joined forces with the Galactic Alliance, focusing all efforts toward rescuing the human hostages.

On Nuur as Rosa De Angelo launches a possible escape route the Ja, a species from a nearby planet, curtail her efforts with a warning. The Ja claim Nuurians, the original inhabitants of Nuur, have been in hiding for over a century. The Nuurians avoided the scientific experiment that mutated the Grays and have now emerged from their asylum to reclaim their planet. The Nuurians plan the genocidal annihilation of all Gray and foreign inhabitants to return Nuur to the magnificent planet it once was.

Unable to contact Earth and with civil war upon them, escape is impossible. Rosa must prepare her people to fight for survival. Will rescue come in time?

Seemingly facing a common enemy, will the humans take a stand and fight alongside the Grays, their captors? Or should they attempt to befriend the Nuurians and perhaps win their freedom. Who is the true enemy? Rosa suspects there is a third more devious enemy is at work. Can Rosa uncover a clandestine plot in time to spare millions of human and alien lives?

How Hard Would You Fight For Freedom?