Expats in Cuenca, Ecuador: The Magic & the Madness

Find out why thousands of Americans and people from other countries have relocated to Cuenca, Ecuador. Discover the cultural differences, safety issues, where to shop for the best, least expensive, and hard-to-find items, how to avoid petty (and not so petty) theft (including the infamous zombie drug). Learn from the real estate mishaps from previous expats; find out why some move back and why most people lose significant weight here. Can a person really live here on $600 a month? Where are the best gyms, saunas, mineral bath spots? Where can you find organic produce, health products, and nontoxic personal care items? Who are the best medical and alternative doctors? What are the downsides of life here?

Part 1 will inform you about why people love Cuenca so much. Part 2 informs you on what there is to do in Cuenca, the single life, where to get books, shamanic journeys, nature sites, and more. Part 3 includes cultural differences–including how to avoid landing in jail for hiring a maid! You will also learn about the stages of cultural shock you may experience. Part 4 provides useful info on the logistics of moving to Cuenca; Part 5 consists of 25 exclusive interviews with expats living there. Part 6 includes blog and essays by the author. The book contains about 10 photos of Cuenca and its area.