Fire in the Veins: Genesis of the End

Emily Lucas is about to have her life turn to hell.

The most popular political leader in living memory, she will struggle to remain in control. An explosion at a nanotech research facility in Connecticut unleashes a nanotech plague that alters the DNA of every host it encounters, posing a direct threat to humanity’s survival.

Major cities will be bombed, a fundamentalist religious leader will attempt an opportunistic invasion, and Lucas will face sabotage at every turn. To make matters worse, it will be unclear whether the immensely powerful Global Intelligence Agency is fighting with Emily, or against her.

On the other side of the world, Petra Marsden, is finding the going much better. She manipulates the nanotech to begin building a genetically-engineered army, with the ultimate aim of global dominance.

The only hope for mankind’s survival lies in the most unlikely source. Will it be discovered too late, if at all?

In his first science fiction/fantasy series, Graham Davidson presents a smart, apocalyptic thriller that will take the reader on a wild ride.