First French Essais

Kristin struggles–and eventually succeeds–in learning French in school, but the real lessons begin when she lands in France, to start her adult life with a Marseillais. From quitting her first stable job (as a glorified janitor) near St. Tropez, to dusting off her dream of writing, Kristin pursues ‘la vie en rose’ only to discover that reality is… muddy! There are no clear instructions on how to behave in France.

Filled with delightful photos and tender essays, Kristin’s memoir shows us how she overcomes these cultural “tests”, always finishing with an “A” for amour de la vie!

Readers encouragements:

“I have Kristen’s earlier books and follow her thrice-weekly blog. These essays are full of family adventures… It is a pleasure to read her accounts of life in France and to attempt to increase my French language skills with the many French words and expressions offered in her writings. I highly recommend.” –Patty

“What a delightful book–a breath of fresh air. One feels as if one is participating in daily life in rural France. It’s a great gift as well.” –Jan

“What I like best about Kristin’s blogs, and ultimately her books, is the absence of egotisim in her accounts of daily life. The reader learns words in French as well as the idioms and phrases where they occur, illustrated by delightful photos of family and friends and the French countryside. Charming.” –Bschnei

“a nice way to start your day with a short read and a new word.” –Delilah

This is the perfect gift for any francophile. –Laura