Five Pillars: A Journey Through The Modern Muslim World

It is 2003, and Muslim-American Mohammed ‘Mo’ Khan is living the high life in San Francisco. Born and raised in America, he has ridden the dotcom boom to material wealth at a young age, but post 9/11, his success begins to feel hollow as the conflict between Islam and the West deepens.

Al-Khizr is a Muslim saint from the time of Alexander the Great who appears in Mo’s dreams and challenges him to embark on a quest to discover truth within the Islamic world. The trip takes Mo on adventures through Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, and finally Thailand, all the while challenging Mo’s misconceptions about Islam and exposing him to the rich mosaic of modern Islamic culture. Through it all, Mo and Al-Khizr keep a running dialogue that examines the intent of Islam, the diversity within the religion, and Mo’s own relationship between his warring cultures.