FLY ME TO ATLANTIS: Almost FREE Travel to Paradise Island, Bahamas (The Lazy Traveler’s Handbook Book 2)


Legendary… Lavish… Alluring… Luxurious. These are only some of the adjectives to describe this world-famous playground called Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Add another one: super-duper-expensive, and the picture is complete. Well, not quite…

This “super-expensive” part of the description did not sit well with the author, so he embarked on a journey of his own: to find the budget-friendly way in. This 7000-word book is the result of his journey. His conclusion: traveling to Atlantis can be done cheaply. Moreover, it can be done for free, or let’s say with negligible expenses if you have a good credit history and are willing to apply just a little effort.Fly Me to Atlantis is not a “conceptual” book, as it tells you precisely and in every conceivable detail how to achieve your goal. While this method is extremely easy, the author still offers free personalized advice if the reader hits a hurdle along the way. The book also contains valuable tips on saving money at the Atlantis resort.
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Fly Me to Atlantis is a second book in The Lazy Traveler’s Handbook series.

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