Foresight of the Duke, Part One (Alutia Rising Series, Book 3)

Foresight of the Duke, Part One is the first of the two part release of Book Three of the exciting, science fiction series: Alutia Rising!

The last of the NHA nobility loyal to the Hulk’Zif Duchy has finally been unseated from Alutia with the removal of the Marquis Rostil, ruler of the Don’Alutia Mark. Trent and Sasha, after leaving Don’Alutia in the steady hands of their newest ally, take a short detour to the Rovial Starship Construction and Retrofit Complex before starting their peaceful journey back to Alutia’Earth, knowing well the traditionalists are awaiting their return to protest the wave of change being wrought by these two reformists. But unexpected stowaways shatter any thought of needed peace as Trent is whisked into the unknown, a place where no “human” may follow. There he learns of the horrible future facing the NHA, of a new threat being awakened from a long slumber, and what Alutia must do to survive the coming turmoil. Though this new knowledge may all be for naught, since this place Trent is trapped; this place of a past thought lost forever, may not only eternally lock away Trent’s physical being, but also his mind.

Join Trent and Sasha as they continue their quest to shape Alutia into a bastion of change; of hope for all, no matter their station, within the traditionalist dominated universe. Follow Tiana, Vickie, Regalia, Yukie, and their friends, family, and followers as they are again swept into this wave of change, most willingly, while some have begun to resist, to finally question if this “revolution” is indeed, the right one. Watch as a new threat arises in the universe, joining forces with the most unlikely of allies, someone who has never forgotten their craving for “revenge”, forcing the one who brought Trent and Sasha together to make a fateful decision. All the while, an enemy thought finally destroyed, lurks in the shadows, having discovered a way passed Alutia’s ever-growing shield of “paranoia”, reaching the side of she who is closest to Sasha to change forever her once innocent heart.