Free Will (and Other Compulsions) (The Antithesis Progression Book 2)

“Challenging, entertaining, and amazing…Sawyer dazzles the literary palate.” –View From Valhalla

Book 2 of The Antithesis Progression

Joss Kyle just wanted to be left alone. But after successfully escaping a corrupt senator’s agents in the bowels of the revolutionary underworld, he’s trapped between planets with his mortal enemy on ship heading a ship back to the place where it all began: North America, and the home of the Senator who ordered him killed.

As the world’s superpowers martial their armies for the first salvo in an interplanetary war, this man with no country has one last chance: Prove his innocence, and thousands will die. Fail in his mission, and billions will die. He’s about to learn that when the stakes are this high, it isn’t whether you win or lose, it’s how you rig the game.