Get Paid For Your Pad: How to Maximize Profit From Your Airbnb Listing

How To Make Money On Airbnb

If you have a home and an Internet connection, you may very well be sitting on a goldmine. You could be making hundreds of dollars a night. Even just renting out a spare room could bring in well over $1000 a month!

Renting in the short-stay market, when done correctly, crushes the return from long-term tenants. Like hundreds of thousands of people, you can boost your rental profits by 2 to 3 times with the most well known short-stay marketplace in the world: Airbnb.

If you have a home or spare room that is ever empty (when you are on holiday for example) you are missing out on significant rental income!

Things you’ll learn in this book

This step-by-step guide to renting your home on the Airbnb platform teaches you in detail how to take advantage of this opportunity. It covers:

• How Jasper went from making $24,000 per year to $60,000 from his apartment in Amsterdam

• How to prepare your home like a 5-star hotel in a cost-effective manner

• How to set up a dazzling and polished Airbnb listing from start to finish

• How to communicate with guests in a professional and responsive way

• How to scientifically calculate an optimal price point for profit maximization

• How to catapult your search rank within the Airbnb platform

**This book comes with a FREE audio book**

Get Paid For Your Pad is the definitive book for Airbnb hosts and includes:

• little known tips & tricks to optimize your listing

• examples from real, profitable Airbnb listings

• stories and strategies from successful Airbnb hosts

• “Do This Now” action items to get your listing ready for primetime

• easy-to-implement tactics and turn-key templates…

… that can be employed to launch and optimize your Airbnb business right away!