Ghosts of War (Bounty Hunter Series Three, Book Two)

Series Three of the Bounty Hunter continues with book two: Ghosts of War.

Following two narrative lines–Burke and Cass in the present day, and Moira Forester in the past–Ghosts of War shows the beginning of the dross infestation of Earth and its apocalyptic conclusion.

In the present, Burke and Cass are dealing with the ramifications of dismantling the leadership of the Torrentus Cartel. The pirates were scattered but are now regrouping. The hunters return to the oceanic planet Frey before being given an unexpected new contract.

In the past, Moira Forester throws herself into Sol’s navy to defend her home planet. She climbs to the rank of Sergeant and meets a young Burke Monrow in the first days of his military career. The war continues for Moira and Burke until a distress signal is picked up from the lost city of Toronto…

The Bounty Hunter stories are a series of novels and novellas following the adventures of Burke Monrow and AI Cass. A bounty hunting duo, they take contracts around the galaxy, apprehending criminals, murderers, vicious aliens, and abide by their own moral code.

The series is best read in order, as there is a larger plot arc that connects the series; however, each installment can be read and enjoyed on its own for the individual story line of each novella. Some names and references to prior events are made, but most can be understood in the context of the story.