Green Man of Graypec, The (Armchair Science Fiction Classics Book 29)

Armchair fiction presents the best in classic science fiction novels. “Green Man of Graypec” by Festus Pragnell, is a terrific tale about being stranded in a fantastic world. One minute Learoy Spofforth was a former American tennis champion, enjoying a visit to London with his lovely wife—the next minute he was a muscular savage on the weird world of Graypec, fighting for the possession a primitive but beautiful blonde. Catapulted by a strange science into a universe existing within an atom, not knowing if he could ever return, Learoy finds himself involved in the greeds and lusts of primeval men and women at war with a crustacean form of life. Suspense builds through climax after climax to a finish that is as startling as the premise. This is the novel about which H. G. Wells said, “…I think it’s a very good story, indeed, of the fantastic scientific type and I was much amused and pleased to find myself…in it.”