Guide to Sushi and Sake (with travel section on Tokyo, Japan)

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This Approach Guide was designed to serve as a valuable on-the-go resource for all of your sushi and sake experiences at home and abroad.

What’s in this guidebook:

* Quick reference sushi list. We describe the basic types of sushi and offer a quick reference list of over 65 of the most frequently encountered menu items, from ahi (yellowfin tuna) to warasa (wild yellowtail), each with a detailed description.

* Tuna primer. To help with your most important sushi choice of all, we profile the five primary tuna species and the basic sushi cuts (akami, chutoro and otoro).

* Japan tips. We provide the basics on sushi protocol in Japan. Further, for Tokyo-bound travelers, we include tips and a map for touring its world-famous Tsukiji fish market.

* A sake guide. Finally, as no sushi meal is complete without its perfect accompaniment, we have also included a guide to Japanese sake that will help you make more informed choices.

* Information the way you like it. As with all of our guides, this book is optimized for intuitive, quick navigation on your mobile device; information is organized into bullet points to make absorption easy; and links are provided to the best online resources.


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