Halfblood Legacy (Halfblood Series Book 3)

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[host id: 560074]: will be late_have picked up a job< [message transmitted] When Scythe heads back to the capital to meet with an old friend and take a quick job, he starts down a path that will threaten to separate him forever from the family and life he fought to safeguard. To protect himself and them, he is forced to step back into the shadows and break off all communication with the outside world. As his loved ones search for clues to his whereabouts, Scythe delves deeper into a web of back room agreements and deft, political manipulation by the Kin's powerful Families. What is behind their secret plot to bring down the Scere? Why does he keep finding hints that the submission of the Human race is not their only objective? Another mystery unravels and excitement awaits in the third installment of the Halfblood Series.