Heroes of Valinthia

This is the final book in our epic trilogy, where the Zarg Empire pays a surprising visit to Valinthia. Friendship is quickly established, but there are darker purposes to the unexpected arrival of Galactopolis’ only rival in the galaxy. Our heroes do their best to avoid an all out war between their newest allies, but something is terribly wrong on Valinthia.

Stazrantalok, their world’s most powerful sorcerer, has vanished. So has the talented seer, Orinda the Oracle. With no clues as to who abducted them or how, the power play for Valinthia between the Zarg Empire and Galactopolis has only begun.

The confounding technology of the Zarg Empire, along with their superior firepower, are the least of the problems that confront our heroes. Admiral Blaze of the Zarg Empire makes a play for the beautiful Jasra, who learns rather quickly that he can be more than just a little crazy.

In the attempt to find and rescue their friends, all hell breaks loose. Can Galactopolis forces modify their technology in time to help defend Valinthia, or will our heroes have to fight an insane empire all alone in a highly crowded galaxy?