History of St. Augustine Florida: Whimsically Illustrated History of North America’s Oldest City

The beautiful town of St. Augustine, Florida, is the oldest continuously occupied city in North America. Founded in 1565, by Pedro Menendez, of Spain, it predates the Pilgrims at Plymouth rock by 42 years and the English settlement at Jamestown by 55 years. It’s old town section with many classic stone and log pole buildings in excellent condition, and its magnificent Spanish fort the Castillo San Marcos, dating from 1672, herald St. Augustine as one of the most amazingly preserved historical towns in the Americas.

The History of St. Augustine is a highly enjoyable book to read. As one person complimented, “If history were this fun in school it would be everyone’s favorite subject.” Taking a unique approach, The History of St. Augustine leaves out all of the accounts of politics, which take up 80% of a usual history book. What remains are all of the exciting and interesting parts of history- the wars, treachery, battles, plagues, hurricanes, pestilences, uprisings, fires and pirates! Plus, insights into the fascinating characters of St. Augustine including Spaniards, French, English, Native Americans and others.

Making this wonderful history book even more enjoyable it is filled with whimsical cartoons loosely related to the historical narrative. Funny to both kids and adults, each cartoon also conveys a message about the unique history of marvelous St. Augustine, Florida.

As a special bonus this book is ALSO AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIO BOOK! It is Whispersync compliant meaning you can listen and read at the same time!

Here are some of the compliments given to The History of St. Augustine, from its first printing in 1991:

“Never has history been so delightful. It was a great pleasure to obtain so many facts about St. Augustine without making it an all consuming involvement of my time.”

Jill Stawicki, Feature Film Art Department Coordinator

“Great book! It presents history in such an interesting way that my young daughter enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Gary Greene, Conch House Marina Manager

“I have never read a more succinct and funny account of history. Let’s have a lot more.”

Jack Blackman, Art Director for many Hollywood movies. London, England

“Wow! Leaving out the politics, while serving a history full of battles, pestilences, hurricanes, and cultural clashes, topped with a liberal spice of humor. It makes a great recipe and a great book.”

Susan Middleton, Atlanta, GA

“Fun and educational. A lovely book on the little town of St. Augustine.”

Steve Stangle St. Johns County Librarian

“Very enjoyable, with enough humorous history to keep all ages interested and entertained from beginning till end.”

George Harrison, Bridge of Lions Supervisor

“Total enjoyment. I laughed. I learned. I loved it. Hurry and write a book like this for New York City. I’ll be the first one in line to buy it.”

Mike Cirillo, NYC, New York