Hong Kong BBQ: 9 beaches and 3 country parks

Have you ever imagined your barbecue at the gorgeous beaches and wonderful country parks in Hong Kong? You can enjoy both BBQ and swimming at the same time. You can go on a fantastic hiking to the parks together with BBQ.

Here introduces 9 beautiful beaches and 3 breathtaking country parks you can enjoy BBQ together with outdoor activities simultaneously. Only Repulse Bay Beach has no BBQ area. However, its splendid perspectives do not allow itself to be omitted from the introduction of beautiful beaches in Hong Kong.

This book might be told as a perfect road to the 12 attractions in Hong Kong. It means that you don’t need to worry about the way to 12 destinations introduced here. Here shows the introduction for the ways to “Turtle Cove Beach” as an example below.

“Take a bus no. 14 at the bus stop standing just in front of MTR Sai Wan Ho Station exit A and get off the bus at “Turtle Cove, Tai Tam Road”. “Turtle Cove” is the next stop of “Tai Tam Country Park”. In around 20 minutes from MTR Sai Wan Ho Station, the bus will run on a narrow bridge built on Tai Tam Reservoir. The bus will stop at “Tai Tam Country Park” after the bridge. The bridge does not allow 2 big vehicles at the same time. Therefore, in case of 2 buses, one has to wait at the end of the bridge for the other one to run through the bridge. When the bus departs from the bus stop of “Tai Tam Country Park”, press the bell to get off. The next stop is “Turtle Cove”. Go around 50 meters to the right when you alight from the bus and you will meet steps down to Turtle Cove Beach on your left.”

How about this introduction for the way to the beautiful beach of Turtle Cove? If relevant maps and many photos taken every nook and corner are added to the explanation, do you still worry about the way to the attractions?

If you download this book in your cell phone, you don’t need to chase after a guide nor ask passers-by for the way to your destination. You can go to the 12 attractions fully by your own self.

Even if you are not accustomed to BBQ, you don’t need to mind as well. There are 2 tips to enjoy BBQ in Hong Kong. The first one is Wellcome superstore. It is the biggest chain store in Hong Kong. You can prepare all BBQ items and foods at the store. This book introduces many easy accessible Wellcome stores with the explanation how to get there. You will meet maps and photos about the stores. The second one, how to set a fire at BBQ pits, is explained in detail with photos. You will get every tips for BBQ through this book concerning what kind of BBQ items you have to prepare, how to set a fire, how to roast the foods and how to extinguish the fire.

Download this book in your cell phone and fly to Hong Kong. Then, your mobile phone will show you the way to 9 splendid beaches and 3 breathtaking country parks. You cell phone will allow you to enjoy BBQ with swimming and hiking at beaches and parks like a Hong Konger.