Hope, Happiness and Pura Vida: Pursuing a dream for the “pure life” in Costa Rica

Heart Attack = One Week Vacation = A Story of Adventure = Life Lessons = Is Your Life in Need of a Makeover?

Go along on an adventure as Debbie Knight shares a seven year journey that she and her husband, Chuck, followed in pursuit of the “pure” life in Costa Rica. You will learn about the magic of Pura Vida in one of the happiest places on earth and learn sometimes why it can also be a rather frustrating experience. You will question if your life is on the right track or if it too is in need of a makeover.

How did they get started? When Chuck said he would rather have a heart attack than go to work the next day, it was obvious that their lives needed to change – and quickly.

Debbie was surprised at the idea for a happier life that popped into her mind while celebrating Chuck’s 40th birthday. At a cliff-side restaurant overlooking the ocean, their dream to build a Costa Rican bed and breakfast in pursuit of a simpler life was born. To most these were irrational thoughts of a couple caught up on a wonderful week long vacation, but to Chuck and Debbie they were the start of their Costa Rican adventure.

They never could have imagined the roller coaster ride that awaited or the sacrifices to come. Nor did they foresee learning three important lessons about hope, happiness and Pura Vida. Three lessons they want everyone to know that will help those seeking long term happiness. Also included is their advice to help other dream chasers as they hope more people will follow their own passions in life.

Finally, the most valuable lesson that they learned over a seven year journey is one that you will not want to miss. It is so valuable that Debbie saved it for the very end, because it requires you to take action in your own life.

If you enjoyed reading Happier Than a Billionaire which describes the first year of a couple’s experiences in Costa Rica, then you will enjoy reading Hope, Happiness and Pura Vida as it covers Debbie and Chuck’s experiences in Costa Rica during a longer time frame for a more in-depth view of what it takes to build and live in Costa Rica with lessons learned from their experiences.