How To Become a Published Travel Writer – Volume 5: Travel Writing That Sells: Earn Enjoyable Profits and Explore…

Become a published travel writer: Earn enjoyable profits and travel the world in VIP style as a published travel writer – Volume 5: Travel Writing That Sells

Are you itching to break into the glamorous world of travel writing – to see your name published and get invited onto fabulous VIP press trips? Do you yearn to learn how to write and publish travel stories like Bill Bryson, Bruce Chatwin, Paul Theroux, William Dalrymple and Colin Thubron?

The travel writing lifestyle is truly wonderful and romantic, but the only trouble is getting in – getting your work, and in particular your first article, published. Have you, like most novices, suffered large numbers of rejections from editors who simply don’t seem interested in carrying your work? Virtually all novice writers have to go through this demoralising phase in their development. I did too.

Now, for the savvy few, there is an alternative. You are seconds away from having in your possession a tried and tested formula for writing the perfect travel article – first time and every time. This comprehensive but concise guide reveals the secrets of many top travel writers – built up over years of experience and work in the field. You can now learn in a matter of weeks what it has taken most other writers many years to learn.

Travel writing isn’t rocket science but there are certain principles you need to learn and put into practice. The fundamental principles and proven techniques that we will show you here will fast track your travel writing career through the novice phase into the idyllic realm of the experienced, published travel writer, where your world awaits your every dream . . .

Read some of the comments we received about the travel writing course from which this book is extracted:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for an excellent course and opening up so many exciting possibilities to me. I am enjoying it very much and have learned a lot from it.” (M. O’Sullivan)

“You course struck me as an invaluable tool and, although I have just begun, I am learning new techniques with every page I turn.” (J. Hunnicut)

“I am enjoying the course very much. Thanks for everything!” (K. Bartok)

“I am greatly enjoying the Freelance Travel Writing course. It is well written and comprehensive. I’m now nearly through the course, have already had two pieces published in the UK magazine Catholic Life, and am optimistic about getting work in the future.” (F. Cave)

“This course has given me privileged opportunities to visit my dream places from a unique perspective. I get to interact more with the locals, immerse myself totally in the culture, and get a better ‘feel’ of the place I visited. Travelling by business class, enjoying exceptional cuisine and hospitality, and returning home with a luggage full of freebies are the blisses of being a travel writer. I could get used to these! Many thanks for the insightful course. Since my first successful pitch for a press trip to Switzerland last autumn, I have recently just returned from my second press trip to Europe – Cote d’Azur. I am really over the moon! I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to you for all the help and guidance you’ve given me thus far.” (H. P. Chee)

“I have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone who may be considering taking this sort of employment up.” (J. Moran)

“This course is very interesting and informative. I am very excited and believe I may have found a new career! I find your teaching style easy to understand and follow . . . You are a wonderful teacher, and I feel that I am learning quite a bit from you.” (A. Taccini)

“Very well written, simple and concise yet filled with excellent, practical and realistic information. The step-by-step assignments gave me a thorough understanding of the idyllic lifestyle of a freelance travel writer. Thank you for this wonderful experience.” (P. Kolandai)

“The information is absolutely perfect, informative and