Human Space: The Glaive Parliamentary Republic

All three ion cannons fired together and three of the massive bolts leapt across the thousands of kilometers. Two more bolts from each turret were on their way to the target before the first bolts struck. The first three bolts passed through the navigational shielding of the craft as if it did not even exist. Striking the bare alloy armor that made up the hull, they released their energy in a massive flash of bluish white photonic energy. Massive lightning bolts were playing across the aft end of the craft the second set of bolts arrived striking the target amidships and adding to the lighting storm now engulfing the entire back end of the craft. Minor explosions played across the hull as sensor clusters exploded from the massive energy surge. In one area of the hull, an airlock opened inadvertently due to the powered magnetically locking mechanism giving up the ghost to the storm of energy raging around the ship spilling tens of cubic meters of atmosphere in to the void of space before emergency bulkheads slammed shut sealing the breach. The escaping atmosphere formed a crystallized cloud around that area of the ship for a short time before it was vaporized further by the raging lighting. The third set of bolts struck slightly forward of amidships and the storm seemed to grow in fury even further. The craft’s in-system drive went in to emergency shutdown in an attempt to save itself from the hurricane of force assaulting it through the craft’s own power conduits. Inside the ship, personnel were flung from their assigned stations as consoles literally exploded from the power surges running rampant throughout the ship. Breakers located in junctions throughout the ship tripped trying to spare the central computer core from what it saw only as massive power surges. The storm actually lasted only a few short moments as it ravaged the craft from fore to aft before finally abating, leaving a drifting intact hull full of wounded and stunned personnel.