Human Trial III: The Final Conflict

Twenty-three years after climate-altering attacks on Earth, Americans begin rebuilding.
Battle-tested Tawanna Chenier is sent across the country to recruit legendary military strategist Adam Turner to head up the country’s fledgling
armed forces.
After the assassination of the President, Adam and Tawanna feel duty-bound to defend the country against a larger plot. Former drug lord Jorge Barbosa, engaged in exploiting alien-human hybrids as enslaved soldiers and laborers, also has possession of a nuclear weapon … and seeks to detonate it on American soil.
Facing a potential nuclear strike, 200 raw recruits go into battle, but their efforts are hindered by lack of resources, traitorous allies, and nightmarish logistics.
The attraction between Adam and Tawanna builds, but their focus is on attaining victory in the western hemisphere’s most important fight for survival