If I Knew Then

A Time Travel Fantasy

David Heski is an ordinary guy living an ordinary life in Seattle, Washington when he mysteriously receives a box left on his front doorstep. Intrigued, David opens the box to find an old saxophone with a cryptic inscription. Unsure of what to do with it, he puts it away and tries for forget about it. Little does he know that it is about to turn his world upside down.

A chance meeting with the same woman twice in one night, at a bar and then later at a restaurant, leads to a discussion about the saxophone as they listen the band playing in the background. After gently encouraging him to take a closer look at it, the woman excuses herself to use the powder room and disappears.

David decides to examine the saxophone more carefully and memorizes the inscription. He recites it several times and nothing happens until one night when he goes back to the restaurant where he met the mysterious woman. Sitting alone and hoping to see her again, he asks the band to play a particular song – As Time Goes By. As he listens to the song, he recites the inscription and suddenly finds himself transported back in time.

David’s time travel adventures take him back to different timelines and alternate realities as he searches for answers. He experiences romantic relationships that were never a part of the past he remembers and gets himself into a bit of trouble with his knowledge of the future.

Will David stay in the past or return to the present? Will he find a lost love? Only time will tell.