I’m Kona Love You Forever (Islands of Aloha Mystery Series Book 6)

Maui wedding planner Pali Moon gets stuck with lousy chores all the time: refereeing bridesmaid cat fights, sobering up grooms, and battling Botoxed m-o-t-b’s over where the stepmother sits at the rehearsal dinner. But this one beats all. In early January she has to tell a Kona-born bride-to-be she’s dead. The fine folks at the Vital Records Office insist the birth certificate the bride’s using belongs to a dead baby and they won’t issue her a marriage license. The wedding can’t go on without a license, so Pali goes to Kona to track down the paperwork. Seriously, how hard can it be to locate a certified birth record issued by the State of Hawaii? Turns out, nearly impossible. But worse, people are dying to keep it hidden.