Inception (The Phoenix Project Book 4)

Book Four in The Phoenix Project Series

There are two things that Andie Somers will never forget. The betrayal by someone she once trusted and the Swamp People, a threat that’s always lingering in the shadows of the forests surrounding Phoenix.

Now Andie has taken Burton Crane’s seat as a Funding Entity, managing the Phoenix District. But having been blessed with immortality, an immortality she did not want, the single task that consumes Andromeda Somers is finding out how to get the nanocytes out of her body.

Good thing everyone seems to do exactly what Andie asks them to do. Perhaps she should be paying attention to the changes taking place inside of her body instead of focusing on finding a cure for herself.

A change is coming. One that Andie hopes might keep her family together. Little does she know, it just might tear them apart for good.

82,000 words