Into the Ruins: Adventures in Abandoned Japan

“Gorgeous, haunting, stunning memento mori photos… fascinating text commentary… I guarantee you will start fantasizing about exploring haikyo yourself.” – Barry Eisler, bestselling thriller author.

Abandoned theme parks, forgotten mountain ghost towns, derelict military bunkers, rusting industrial yards, and dilapidated love hotels.

Between 2007 and 2012 writer and photographer Michael John Grist explored and documented over 100 of the strangest, most beautiful modern ruins across the length of Japan. His adventures kick-started a craze which led to millions of hits on his website, feature articles in books, magazines, and newspapers, and a documentary movie.

Into the Ruins tells the best of all those adventures- packed with gorgeous photographs, thrills, and fascinating detail, exposing a bizarre and forgotten shadow world most people will never see for themselves. Readers have called it “stunning, amazing, and utterly unique.”

Along with Michael:

– Be hunted at night in the ruins of an abandoned jungle theme park.

– Search for treasure in a mysterious corporate cult’s underground bunker.

– Explore the fog-wreathed remnants of a desolate mountain ghost town.


– Over 300 stunning photographs.

– Map coordinates to every location in the book.

– Links to extensive additional material.