Jenna (The Helmsworth Project Book 3)

Book Three Of The Helmsworth Project Suspense Series

Jenna Helmsworth is well educated and extremely intelligent. So why can’t she understand or control the immense pain running through her head and thoughts?

She finds herself with and FBI guardian and they both try to find relief in a place they shouldn’t be. Luckily they find a helpful ally to get them some help and to cover their tracks.

Alone with the FBI agent in the mountains, Jenna starts to think that things are taking a turn for the better…or are they?

Does Jenna ever reunite with her brother and sister?

Why did the FBI agent take her to the mountains?

Does their helpful ally turn out to be an undercover bad guy?

Will Jenna’s head ever stop hurting?

These and other answers await as you follow Jenna through her adventure to find a safe place for her pain to stop.

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