Jeremy Raybourne: The Genesis Dawns (Book Two: Journey To The New Awakening)

Energy blasts streamed down from the sky decimating everything in their path.

There was no place to hide as death and destruction replaced normal life. Nothing was safe. People were crying for help knowing only one person can rescue them.

Jeremy Raybourne, himself a victim of the brutal attack, lay recovering as those around him tried to piece together what they just witnessed. How does anyone stop a vicious alien whose powers surpass anything the world has known until now?

This fast-paced novel continues the journey as Jeremy Raybourne discovers his gene could be more useful then he was led to believe.

Will The Mystical Gene fully awaken in young Jeremy giving him the powers to overtake the Evil Lord Malkeone or will Jeremy succumb to the pressures and fall his prey?

This is Book two in the Journey To The New Awakening Series. Book one (Jeremy Raybourne and The Mystical Gene) can be found at

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