Jovian Tempest (Alien Love Book): Part 3

In the midst of an alien war, alien love thrives. Dr. Alejandra Ochoa is the foremost expert on tropical weather in the United States of America. Her interest in tropical storms was spurred by the loss of her fiancée in Hurricane Andrew.

The Pentagon has challenged her and her team to determine the increase in tropical storms and hurricanes, and also why the intensity of these storms has increased. With her Top Secret Security Clearance she forges for the truth, even when the SECDEF doesn’t want to hear it. Admiral Thaddeus Flynn an alien warrior himself is the only hope for her survival and that of her team.

While studying storms Dr. Ochoa and her team discover that the weather isn’t just tropical but galactic. An alien species has been peacefully inhabiting earth for more than fifty years through the storms and now they are bracing for an alien war over a society and for survival from their sworn enemy, as they prepare for the Jovian Tempest.