Kaiju Seduction Bundle Series 1: Kaiju Erotica Book 1 through 4

Warning: The tale you are about to read is a story of inner most desire that knows no bounds. It crosses barriers and should be read with an open mind and a darkly passionate heart. It is a story of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. This tale is for adults 18 and up.

Kaiju Seduction Bundle series covers the first 4 parts of the Kaiju Seduction series.

Book One – Ro Talon is a Kaiju pilot. Along with her 250 foot tall kaiju, Zulla, they must work together to bring down rogue kaiju.

Book Two – Ro Talon has finished GEK training and is now embarking on her first mission. Ro and her kaiju, Zulla, are paired up with another Kaiju pilot by the name of Tonya Blaze and her kaiju Ruby.

Book Three – Ro teams up with another pilot, Byron Wall and his kaiju, Gray Song.

Little do they know, their seemingly peaceful guard duty will turn into hungry lust and battle for control as an unknown kaiju sets its sights on Zulla and Gray Song. A titanic oceanic battle ensues and the rogue kaiju will not be denied its monstrous desires.

Book Four – The battle heats up for Ro and her kaiju, Zulla. Several rogue kaiju managed to sneak close to US waters and have gone on the offensive. With GEK forces in full retreat, they throw everything they have to slow down the monsters.

Ro and Zulla must team up with Ruby, Gray Song and a new state of the art kaiju to take down the invaders before they gain a foot hold.

This tale is 31,000 words of tentacles, orgy, menage, masturbation, anal, biting, clawing, and very dubious kaiju consent