Kamikaze Tomorrowland (A Future Fiction Short Story)

With Kamikaze Tomorrowland, futurist and prophecy expert John Hogue invents a new literary Genre, combining Fact/History/Prophecy with Fiction creating tales of ScryFy.

Akio Sarazawa, a Kamikaze pilot, dives his bomb laden fighter 90 degrees through a gauntlet of anti-aircraft fire. His target is the rectangular mass of a US Carrier swerving through the Pacific to avoid his crash. Maneuver as it might, it can’t escape. The flight deck rising rapidly before him floats on a wall of ocean, beckoning, as if it is a doorway.

But moments before the pilot meets this portal out of life, he thinks how good it would be not see the future death of his homeland. He is wrong. A devil’s sea has other shocking, touching and altogether absurd surprises waiting on the other side.

“A master storyteller!”

—J.R. Rain, author of Moon Dance and The Body Departed

John Hogue defines ScryFy as a form of prophecy-science fiction and fantasy. It is neither fiction nor non-fiction. ScryFy is transfix-tion. ‘Scrying’ is a basic form of divination using objects that, in the hand of the initiate, can reflect the dark shadows of potential future destiny.

Let this new eShort Story Genre be your scrying tool reflecting back a blend of wisdom, fact, fantasy‚ and sometimes‚ real prophecies about true events to come from the ever transfix-tional world of the future.

Having launched his writing career with the help of Ray Bradbury as an early mentor, John Hogue’s deep knowledge of Nostradamus’ texts and other prophetic traditions combined with his love of science fiction and fantasy have given rise to this wonderful union of fact, fiction and prophecy in a new and captivating genre.