Kings of Memphis: Elvis and Tutankhamen

A time travel about the reincarnation of Elvis Presley from King Tutankhamen, Kings of Memphis begins 3,400 years ago when the instructions of King Tut’s carpenters were inadvertently reversed. The doors of King Tut’s tomb should have been opened to the West so he could emerge and walk directly into the afterlife. Instead, on February 16, 1923, the doors opened to the East and the unthinkable happened. The famous Curse of Tutankhamen was unleashed until 1935 when the misfortunes appeared to have stopped, and when the new King of Memphis, Elvis Presley, was born.
This book was written by a member of a small group of fans who had the privilege of spending time with Elvis in Bel Air in the 60’s. Her account of actual events is interwoven throughout the novel.
Elvis was interested in the metaphysical. Here are some of his quotes: “I don’t believe that death is the end. Reincarnation has gotta be real….it explains a lot about why people are the way they are.” (and) (About Priscilla): “It’s reincarnation. How else would a grown up man be so drawn to a fourteen-year-old-girl? She was only a dress rehearsal.”
Interestingly enough, King Tut married his Queen Ankhesenamen, when she was only fourteen, just one of the eerily similar coincidences between the two.
The book has something for everyone, Elvis fans, King Tut fans, alternate history buffs, time travel enthusiasts, mystery readers, and fans of love stories. This love story is Elvis’ search through the landscape of dreams for his lost soul mate, the beautiful Sataiu.