Lasting Inferno (A Collection of Flash Fiction)

A Collection of Three Flash Fiction Stories

Imagine our world fifty years from now. How will we live? Will it be a transcendental utopia or a Orwellian nightmare? What if disaster strikes? Or what if it’s nothing too out of the ordinary? What if our world is exactly as we know it today, but just with that little nudge that keeps us guessing and dreaming? It’s three ordinary men. Three unique visions of the future. Three pint-sized yet powerful vignettes.

#1 Crude Flesh: A Boston cop. Three highly trained zombies. Just a shotgun and no escape – 1,500 words

#2 The Winter War: A U.S. marine. One alien officer. All he knows is his sniper rifle and the numbing cold – 1,000 words

#3 LunarFuels: A space gas pump jockey. One convenience store. Clerks of the future – 3,500 words