Legion of Lost Gnomes & Other Fancies

The Legion of Lost Gnomes & Other Fancies contains a wide selection of T. G. Browning’s short works, including mysteries, children’s stories, SF, mainstream, horror, satire and fantasy. Include are 4 Doris Preston Toledo Stories ( The Gilding of Norm Lily, The Legion of Legion Lost Gnomes, Book of the Month Club & Wild Kingdom), the Gus children’s stories (Gus the Tooth Fairy, The Return of Gus & Gus vs. Sandman, Inc.), black satire (Halloween, Parking Ticket, The Shakespearean Solution, The Old Wooden Cross) and a selection of SF/Fantasy/Horror (The Cafe of the Yellow Court, Building Code, The Fourth Trickster, Meet Me at the Crossroads, Conquest of Earth & Power Strip).

As a writer, Browning never fits comfortably in any one genre and is known for a unique mix of several at one time. His children’s stories are designed, for example, to be entertaining to both parents and children between the ages of 5 and 12. Any parent who has ever worked for a large firm is sure to sympathize with Gus (of Tooth Fairies Inc.).

His satire spins folklore and cyberspace and hard rock music together or twists off into how to turn a gypsy curse into a living. Perhaps you’ve always wondered why some people are lawyers — and if civilization really needs them. Browning will explain (Shakespearean Solution).

His Toledo stories have been a favorite in both Dark Moon Rising and The World of Myth, with Doris Preston trying to extract adult behavior out of the often quarrelsome neighbors of Toledo, Oregon.