Mankind’s Redirection – V1 -2nd Ed

Mankind’s Redirection – Vol 1

Formerly Published as:

Star Fleet – The Beginning – Vol 1

Under my Pen Name;

Fred Grundy

Bill Ley

Author and Publisher

In this first volume in the prequels to the Mankind’s Return series and the follow on series, Mankind Future, we discover the makeover of earth and the early inhabitant’s quest to establish an ongoing civilization with only a very few individuals. Of the almost seven billion people on the earth, they discover over time that there are only two and a half million of them left.

We start with just two; a man and a woman in their mid seventies waking up to discover that they no longer appear their chronological age, but have been restored to their youthful appearance, with no health problems; little do they know just how well they’ve been made over….

Follow them through their adventures of establishing the new civilization on earth, and their subsequent migration out into the entire universe.

This series of first of the first of the six volumes currently, are filled with a lot of humor and some heartaches, along with the accompanying battles for survival.

This novel is somewhat sexually explicit is some scenes due to the nature of the novel. This book is intended for the mature reader.

This story has a lot of relevant plot twists, laced with a lot of humor, practicality, and is based on sound scientific principles.


Bill Ley, Author and Publisher

Burleson, Texas

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