Mankind’s Redirection – V6 – 2nd Ed

Mankind’s Redirection – Vol 6

Formerly Published as:

Star Fleet – The Beginning – Vol 6

Under my Pen Name;

Fred Grundy

Bill Ley

Author and Publisher

In this sixth volume in the prequels to the Mankind’s Return series and the follow on series, Mankind Future, they continue to expand and refine their expansion into the entire universe, dividing it into more manageable partitions.

They continue to face opposition and attacks by others in their attempt to bring peace to one and all, often to the demise of their attackers.

Follow the adventure as it brings to conclusion this series.

They begin to expand into the hub of the universe and setup the structure to give them control of it all and unfortunately loose sight of the traitors within…

The next series lets the reader know what happens when you don’t maintain a vigil of the possible consequences of such actions, as has happened to every civilization.

This book is sexually explicit is some scenes due to the nature of the novel. This book is intended for the mature reader.

This story has a lot of poignant plot twists laced with a lot of humor, practicality, and is based on sound scientific principles.

The story holds the readers interest from beginning to end and points to the next series and covers that dark period of fifteen thousand years of The interim Period – much like The Dark Ages of Earth in the past of our own history…

Beware of betrayal from within!

Fred Grundy, Author and Publisher

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