Mars Rhapsody: A Story about the People, Technology, and Science of the First Mars Colony

What will happen to the first people on Mars? How will they live? Can a non-profit venture be the first to put people on Mars?

This story chronicles the experience of the first four Mars settlers as they battle forces on Mars and Earth to found a new society on an incredibly harsh and alien planet. Allie, Bob, Chunnie, and Dave have been carefully chosen and trained for this do-or-die mission to begin the first human settlement on Mars. They must meet many challenges during their first two years on the red planet before they see any new supplies or reinforcements. Share in their excitement and disappointments as they face the challenges.

Dr. Harry E. Keller draws on his Caltech training, 18 months of research, and over 180,000 words written in response to his article, “Mars One: Exciting Adventure or Hoax” to show you the real science of living on Mars along what the human race will find when they finally go there. You’ll find interesting people and learn about who they are, those who would leave Earth behind forever for a place with no trees or birds, almost no air, very limited energy, incredible cold, and psychological isolation to live in what amounts to a high-tech cave.

Dr. Keller pulls no punches as he depicts what may well happen on this desolate planet as mankind attempts to subdue it. You’ll also find out why these things might happen with an unusual mixture of science and fiction that takes science fiction to a new place.