Martyr (The Martyr Trilogy Book 1)

What if one day, you took a different path, a bridge over instead of under? Could that change everything? Could you ever go back? For college student Justin Mayer, an ordinary day turns extraordinary when he finds himself in a world like, yet fundamentally unlike his own. Narrowly escaping the clutches of a malevolent figure through the actions of a zealous band of rebels, he learns that this is a world ravaged by plague, and divided by holy war. At the center of the conflict is an ancient deity named Chaer-Ul. Justin must seek to comprehend the motives of this enigmatic being, even as it becomes clear that Chaer-Ul’s followers see Justin as the incarnation of a legendary warrior they call “Martyr”. As the scattered bands of a resistance prepare to make a final, apocalyptic stand against a dark enemy of unspeakable power, Justin finds himself increasingly drawn to a beautiful young rebel named Maya, who seems to hold the key to the mysteries of this strange, new world. At the precipice of war, Justin must decide what he believes, and who he can trust. In the process, he will learn who he really is, and what price he must pay for love.