Moving to Florida – Pros & Cons: Relocating to Florida, Cost of Living in Florida, How to Move to Florida, Florida…

The must-have guide if you’re thinking about relocating to Florida. It’s written by a REAL Floridian who is both a cheerleader for your dreams … and a realist. This is why this book is so controversial — because it tells the unvarnished truth about living in Florida — and many dreamers get MAD at the truth-teller!

Includes the real costs of living in Florida, why a move to Florida may be good (or not) and Florida real estate & property in Florida basics. Moving To Florida shows why thousands move to Florida (and then leave) soon afterwards. It also shows you how to minimize any risk on your part.

Your journey begins with discovering what Florida is really like: relocating, cost of living, right (and wrong) reasons for a move to Florida, plus the basic things you should know about Florida real estate & property.

Information also includes:

— An insider’s look at Florida’s weather year round

— How to handle hurricane warnings (and actual events)

— What many don’t know about Florida’s beaches

— The critters here you may be unfamiliar with

— How the economy in Florida can move quickly (both upward and downward)

— Different ways individuals can live in Florida and reap it’s benefits

— Florida real estate buying tips

— What you need to know about homeowner’s insurance in the State of Florida

— How to save big on taxes and also a review of Florida’s asset protection laws

Now, are you ready for a Floridian to reveal both the pros … AND cons … about living here?