Moving to Panama – Not for Me!

Moving to Panama – Not For Me! is quite the opposite to most books on the market. It is written by a couple who were preparing to retire to Panama, yet their subsequent visits and research eventually convinced them that the Republic of Panama was not the place they dreamed of. Behind Panama City’s impressive skyline, everyday life is less glitzy than many reports admit, with frequent electricity and water cuts. Although Panama purports to be very affordable for retirees, in truth many items such as electricity, imported food and gas are more expensive than elsewhere. This book touches on over 40 topics, from buying a house and opening a bank account to alarming incidents of crime and how the police handle them. True stories throughout the book give a realistic view of living in Panama – both good and bad. If you are looking for a book about why you should move to Panama, doesn’t it make sense to buy one that tells you WHY NOT? Doing your own research is the only way to find out whether moving to Panama is really right for you, and due diligence should begin with this book.