New Middleport: The Senses of Weiland Kershaw (The Weiland Kershaw Series, Book 1)

Take a journey with Weiland Kershaw into the city of New Middleport. This city, also known as “the port” is controlled by rulers that put citizens on display to maintain discipline. These displays provide fear for some, while others use it as rebellious motivation.

Weiland uses extraordinary senses to protect those that he considers family, but is soon mixed up in a plot that he had no intention of being a part of.


“Do you remember where you should go when you’re in absolute danger?”

“Yes dad.”

“Good. You’re only to go there when you are being hunted relentlessly or are severely injured. This person is close to me, so you know you can trust her. She knows who you are and will help you without question when you knock on her door.”

I didn’t always understand everything my father told me. “If you’re so close, why can’t I meet her now?”

My dad smiles because he always welcomes my questions and never makes me feel ashamed for asking anything. It prepared me for the world.

“She is in hiding and can’t risk being seen unless it is absolutely necessary. And you are the only one she’ll risk that for, so do you understand how important that makes you to her to risk so much?”

“So, she cares for me like you do?”

“Very good son. Now you understand the importance of depending on yourself more than anyone else. It will be your judgment that protects you more than anything, which will keep her safe until you have no other choice but to seek her out.”