Night Clinic Anthology

Fangs for the memories. Who are you going to call for unique dental hygiene issues? A new dentist arrives at a clinic with unusual clientele that other professionals refuse to treat. Will he survive his first shift at the Night Clinic?

In the second story; a space rescue, experimental technology with unexpected consequences, and an impossible death lead to a single consciousness – two bodies – two planets – Doppelgangers.

How far will a man go to win a game of paintball? The catch is, the game is played on the most dangerous planet in the galaxy. Do cheaters ever prosper?

After the Tule fog lifts, a series of victims are discovered. The sheriff’s niece is the first one found. With no evidence or clues for the cause of death, the media blames aliens. As the fog swirls in, the killer strikes. The sheriff is in a desperate race against time, the killer and the fog.