Not of This World

On an archeological dig in the Afghanistan village where her father was born, American geneticist Sarah Tanziwal discovers an extraterrestrial device that cures Alzheimer’s disease, but when Lieutenant Jo Yen, a sensuous Asian scientist with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), confiscates it to hunt terrorists, Sarah struggles to retrieve it so she can use it to halt her father’s encroaching dementia.
Sarah is aided by her ex-boyfriend, Marine Captain Rick Schulz, who pits his human intelligence gathering skills against Jo Yen’s signals intel in a race between DARPA and the Marines to capture ruthless Taliban warrior Zareed.
In her effort to discover if the mysterious device is the origin of her and her father’s heightened mental powers, Sarah must mentally and physically battle Zareed, who possesses superior advanced mental powers and is definitely not of this world.