Omega: It’s Airborne . . . (Apocalypse Zone – Book 2)

“It’s in the air, I think we’re all going to die.” . . . Raquel Carson, Director, CDC

With ten million dead on the Nile and Mediterranean coast, CDC pathologist Karl Frankton fights a desperate battle against an impregnable weapon and its fanatic creators, a battle stretching from the White House to Sudan, Afghanistan, and Switzerland where the world’s most powerful particle collider is humanity’s last hope.

Omega’s warning is clear: “Our technology exceeds our grasp. One ounce of ricin can be extracted from castor oil production and can kill 500,000 people. Deadly indeed, but nothing compared to irradiated cyanide.”

Gary Naiman has written ten novels. His background includes twenty years at Paramount Pictures and classified projects within in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Omega’s predecessor, P.P.M., is being considered for a motion picture.