Operation Luna (Journey Into Space Book 1)

Between 1953 and 1958, millions of people tuned in to the radio adventures of Jet Morgan and his crew as they left earth to investigate the universe. The success of the series, reached amazing heights, retaining the record of being the last radio programme to surpass its television rival in the ratings. The series was translated into 17 languages and broadcast worldwide. Chilton went on to write three best selling novels based on the ground breaking radio series.


Destination the Moon! No adventurers had ever faced greater hazards than the crew of rocket-ship Luna when she hurtled into space. Jet Morgan, ace-pilot, was her captain. With him were her Australian designer, Mitch; Lemmy, the Cockney radio-operator; and Doc, whose diary astonished everyone. Author-producer Charles Chilton here tells the radio story as a novel.