Salem: Age Of The Nanoskirt

April 2014AD. Central London. The famous 60’s fashion designer Mary Quant is celebrating her 50th anniversary of inventing the Miniskirt. Her daughter Dr. Mary Quant Junior is also celebrating 20 years since she invented Nanotechnology in 1994. All therefore said and done. The celebration veune is being well celebrated at London’s famous science museum. The …


Seconds From Jane

This is a short story about a young man with a condition similar to epilepsy that causes his consciousness to slip in time. Seconds from Jane explores paradox, causality, and the nature of reality and time as Tommy learns of something terrible that is to happen to Jane (a girl he hadn’t yet met in …


Kamikaze Tomorrowland (A Future Fiction Short Story)

With Kamikaze Tomorrowland, futurist and prophecy expert John Hogue invents a new literary Genre, combining Fact/History/Prophecy with Fiction creating tales of ScryFy. Akio Sarazawa, a Kamikaze pilot, dives his bomb laden fighter 90 degrees through a gauntlet of anti-aircraft fire. His target is the rectangular mass of a US Carrier swerving through the Pacific to …


STRANGER on the land 2: The Odessy of George Hadley

George Hadley is back and so is his partner Bulu. This time his adventures take him half way around the world. From the east coast of America, to North Africa, across the Sahara Desert, and finally ending in Paris, France. Along the way he meets two beautiful, but deadly, ladies, manages to steal a sack …


Sneaky Government Men

Short stories from the author of The Quiet Government Men debut novel. Stories include Lord Farscrape Interstellar businessman, The man from historical accuracy (MHA) and excerpts from the yet to be published Quiet Government Men series

You’ll Die Yesterday

At first, in the weak light, he thought he saw the body. But the drawer was empty! Excerpt “Thank you,” January Stevens said, his voice drowned out by the applause of the audience in the small lecture hall. He turned to leave the platform. The hall was filled almost to capacity with an audience of …


Temporal Membranes (1 Second Edition)

When George Temple finds a Temporal Displacement Pod which has been transported to the Twentieth Century to conceal crimes committed in the future it sets in motion a series of amazing adventures in time and space. Inadvertently sending himself 340 years into the future he is enlisted as a Temporal Observer but his role soon …


The Dimension Machine

The Dimension Machine is different than a time machine. With a time machine you can travel to the past or the future. Traveling to the future or past does not guarantee changing anything. It’s more like observing events. With a time machine when you come back to the present you know the future to come …


Rainbow Caper

The novel talks about various scientific and spiritual ideas rooted in mind expansion, time travel, and search for life’s purpose. Main characters undertake a journey to retrieve the Atlantian Fire Stone in the jungles of Guatemala; a supernatural device predicted to be discovered by America’s prophet, Edgar Cayce.