Pendular Motion

The pendulum swings back and forth.

Pendular Motion is just over 5000 words long and includes three micro short stories: Memory of the Machine, Cold Sleep, and Endless Night. It includes a full-color cover image for each story.

“Memory of the Machine” (Science Fantasy): (Flash fiction – approximately 1200 words.) — Alexis has spent her entire life trapped. Researching the vast beauty of space and time, she plots a course to take her back and back and back—the only way that she can move forward.

“Cold Sleep” (SciFi Horror): (Micro Short Story – approximately 2400 words. Also published in The Sirens Call issue #4) — As Potosi’s terraformers deteriorate, Erin is stranded under the constant gaze of the sun.

“Endless Night” (Speculative Fiction): (Flash fiction – approximately 1500 words.) — Shepherding a ship full of people deep in cryogenic slumber, Olivia embraces life in the perpetual darkness of space.