Piss Match and Other Stories

A high-tech urinal. A pointless workplace confrontation.
What could possibly go wrong?

Alex Nieman’s addiction to Roaster’s Dark Loam coffee and networked multi-player games takes a disastrous turn for the worst when he crosses paths with Desmond Bainbridge, a marketing mid-manager with an uncanny ability to stonewall the work of others from afar, in a corporate pissing-match for the ages…

An irreverent tale of corporate madness and one-upsmanship by the author of The Totem of Curtained Minds, now available in Fiction River.

A collection of three short stories which also includes the complete text of “The Spectacular Cascading Hot Springs of Gilbottegen IX” and “First Movement.”

About the Author:
Writer and working scientist Ken Hinckley resides in the Seattle area with his wife and children. His fiction appears in professional markets including Nature, Penumbra, and Fiction River, and his research career spans some 80 scientific papers and 150 patents (and counting). He believes he may yet have a good idea or two left in him.
You can find him at kenhinckley.wordpress.com.