Post Politica

In the words of John Lennon, “Imagine there’s no countries”, nowadays it really isn’t hard to do, is it? And yes, there will be nothing to kill or die for, but all religions too. And hell, well it will be below us, and above us only ‘I’.

Perhaps it’s already here, perhaps we already live in a world where in our thoughts and in our dreams, we can only ‘Imagine all possessions’, where we are already good citisumers. And if we’re not there quite yet, you don’t have to call me a dreamer, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say the most effective dystopia is the one that appears to be an utopia.



Zen has earned his emancipation from the pre-world. He dreams of a perfect life in the realms with Maya. A Life™ flowing with milk and honey, with all the wondrous actz and ens that the blessed trepships, and especially LifeTree, have conceived. But on ascension to his chosen MyRealm I, he finds that the realms are not as advertised. That both brand loyalty and blind faith are equally misplaced.

‘In the finest tradition of Huxley and Orwell’

Tabit Danswich

‘So chillingly relevant to today that I was a little scared to enjoy it’

Bon Rand