Precious Hope (Soma Saga Book 1)

SCI-FI-FAN, Dystopian, Apocolyptic, ADULT READ, SOME VIOLENCE & TABOO, no erotica

Precious Hope is a dystopian and apocalyptic science fiction fantasy that follows Greg as he attempts to rescue himself and a lost love, Lexi, from utter destruction within one week; the countdown to the only authorized escape launch. Greg’s father helped design the annihilation of human life on Earth according to the plan of the voice, a sensory stimulation signal from an eons old satellite stationed above the Sun. The plan included cyborgs (machinoids and humanoids) and zombies; all created with brain transplant technology.

The fragmentation of society by untold forces and factions is revealed along Greg’s desperate flee. The power of circumstance to affect culture is exposed in the community enclaves. A miscreant boy joins him unexpectedly, and old contacts help along the way.

Characters’ limited knowledge affects the plot progress, which leads readers through a couple unanticipated plot turns, constant intrigue, and some awkward moments. This is not spoon-fed story telling, nor is the book artificially long due to shameful fluff. Readers should expect to be challenged and constantly entertained.